Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.5

I’m done! It was faster than expected…but there were a lot of difficult words. *sigh*

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Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 5

The man who came to the shop and declared my previous name, Felicia Suwarose, is called Nicolas Cabot (TL: I almost thought it was cabbage).

He was a capture target in Lady Ro and was so-called Nika-sama. I also called him that.

“…ahh, please excuse my rudeness. Because you shortened your hair, I did not recognize you. It’s been a long time, Lady Felicia.”

Nika-sama has silver hair and sharp, light blue eyes…no. Let’s express it as ice-blue here. Sharp eyes with ice-blue pupils. He gives off the beautiful and cool impression along with the powerful aura that makes everyone recognize him as no ordinary person. The handsome cool, oresama type. But the Oresama character space in Lady Rose is taken up by the Oresama Prince. There is also another cool type character that exists. And as shown earlier, Nika-sama is a person who accepts his mistakes can apologize for them. He is totally different from that Oresama Prince bastard.

Well then, regarding my relationship with Nika-sama…Nika-sama is actually the older brother of that Oresama Prince but from a different mother. In short, because he was the older brother of a fiancee, we often talked with one another. Though he was born before the Oresama Prince, he was only the child of the concubine. That’s why he is lower ranked in the succession rights than the child of the King and Queen. And he never wanted to be king in the first place. He is a wonderful man who wholeheartedly wishes to support his younger brother with that genius’s brain. Kakkoi (TL: Just shout something like “How handsome!” of “How cool!” here if you don’t understand).

…but, why did Nika-sama come see me now? Un? I only have a bad feeling right now you know?

“Nicolas-sama, before you continue, my name if Fii Kurou. And, I am a commoner so you don’t need honorifics.”

“…Felicia-sama, you have no need to abandon your name.”

“Nicolas-sama, please understand that my name is Fii Kurou.”

“…I understand. As you wish, I will call you Fii for now. But, in return, you must call me like how you did before.”

“Yes. Thank you for understanding, Nika-sama.”

The statement Nika-sama had said, that I had no need to abandon my name, and what Nika-sama came here for, had only a bad feeling.

Even so, if it turns out that I am not a commoner but the Duke’s daughter and the fiancee of the Oresama Prince, Nika-sama will not be able to rudely drag me back against my will. Personally, I was also taken care of by him too….

Pushing down my sighing, I reluctantly turned to talk to Michele-san.

“Michelle-san, I’m terribly sorry for my selfishness but may I take time to talk with him…?”

“Ahh, it seems like some personal issues and the other party seems like a noble. Go ahead.”

“I’m sorry to take a break in the middle of work. Thank you very much.”

Working for only a month and already having a break makes my stomach hurt. And just imagining what Nika-sama has to say to me makes my stomach hurt.

“Thank you for waiting.”

“No, I should be the one apologizing for calling you out so suddenly.”

Nika-sama’s human nature who understands the life of me a commoner and his good human relations though he was raised as a noble, is wonderful. I understand that thinking Then don’t come here!  is simply my selfish thoughts.

By the way, the reason why I am complimenting Nika-sama this much is because he has taken care of me but there also because Nika-sama is lone of the most popular characters in Lady Rose. I cannot deny the fact that there are some sections that are there because of the praise of the other fans. I can say however that I love everyone except the Oresama Prince, equally.

“Shall we change the location? …As expected, it is dangerous for an unmarried women to be in a carriage with a man right?”

I was surprised by Nika-sama’s gentleman and sincere proposal to change location. Now that I think about it, we are in the middle of town. The suburbs. We probably won’t be able to find a place where we can talk without anyone knowing.

I don’t really mind that I’m am unmarried and it’s not like Nika-sama a gentleman, will suddenly attack me. However, I successfully stopped my words before my mouth formed the first letter, ka. (TL: I don’t mind = Kamakimasen).

Think calmly Fii. How many laps did you do with Lady Rose? How many times did you go over Nika-sama’s route? Wasn’t there an event where you accidently kissed him in the carriage…!

No doubt, after the scenario is over, it is now the Nika-sama route! No thanks! The accidental kiss is, in other words, is an accident! It may happen at anytime…! There is no need to accidently enter Nika-sama’s route…!

“Nika-sama, actually my home is very close from here. Though it is a commoner’s home, it should be more comfortable than a carriage.

“…that, but it is a bigger issue to go into an unmarried women’s home compared to a carriage.”

“It is okay. If I, a commoner, offend Nika-sama in any way, for any reason, I can be beheaded without any complaints.”

I boldly puffed out my chest and stated the exact opposite of what Nika-sama is concerned about. The only time Nika-sama did such a thing to me was only the accident. There was no need to worry.

Nika-sama had on a slightly troubled face but from the beginning, he never had wanted to attack me and probably wanted to start talking as soon as possible. In the end, we decided to talk in my home.

And so, leaving the carriage to Nika-sama’s 2 guards, we headed to my present house.

…Guards, are we really okay with just 2 people? It is not like I can worry about it anymore but is it okay? Is it really okay?

Well, though I said that, I do have support on the fact that Nika-sama, a capture target, will never lay a finger on me. In Lady Rose, the Oresama Prince is in charge of the Oresama character. Evan-kun is in charge of the Puppy character. Well, then what about Nika-sama? That is…he is the sexy onii-san (TL:Elder brother).

That just contradicts the whole thing! is what you may be thinking right now but Lady Rose is not an 18+ game. The limit is kissing and half naked characters. That means we needed a reason why the Nika-sama in charge of the sexy and pheromone spreading character won’t lay a hand on the heroine.

And there comes in the setting I had been repeatedly saying from the beginning! His gentlemanly personality! In the game, Nika-sama had not laid a single hand, nor kiss the heroine who had a fiancee except for the accidental kiss because of his personality! To replace that, there are scenes like being half-naked! Because of his gentlemanly sincerity, he will never force the female to do things they don’t want to. I want to force the Oresama Prince to have at least part of his sincerity! (TL: This was actually “make the Oresama prince drink some of his finger dirt!” but it sounded weird.)

That’s why besides the accidental kiss, there was no other reason to worry. As long as I don’t act like the heroine and start advancing towards him, being the former fiancee of his younger brother, there was nothing to worry about. 

In this way, I safely brought Nika-sama to my house, paying attention to all directions: front, my sides, and sometimes above, avoiding any sort of accidents. It seems as if I became one of the guards. Actually, I seemed to look more like a guard than the real ones, being alert the whole time.

I’m sorry for any mistakes! (シ_ _)シ

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  1. Chibi ~Stalking Since 2009 says:

    Sexy onii-sama~ kiiittaaaa~
    Even though he is a gentleman, she seems to forget something: she is now free, without fiance = open to be courted, without she being the fiance of his little brother he can finally make a move and since he is so humane and maybe the closest person to her he will probably perceive she is happier being a commoner than a noble and maybe abdicates his rights as a noble and go after her~

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  2. indomnianoodles says:

    She’s an OP otome girl character but refuses all the males in it and is pedantic. It’s kinda adorable if a bit annoying. Hopefully she gets better. Thanks for the chappie your release rate is shocking.


  3. moto says:

    She should’ve moved outside of the country if she wanted to avoid the flags. But then again she probably trigger a bunch more flags.

    Lol her cover has been blown. Time to rush move to another village.

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  4. midoriha says:

    keke, so she likes the other love possibilities equally, huh? this nika seems quote interesting! gentleman! and sexy oniisan?! wow wow—-!


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