Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.4

I wish I can get a job…… Anyways I’m done with Chapter 4!!! Yay! Here it is! ^^

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Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 4 

Being a commoner is the best.

It has already been past a month since I became a commoner. After getting this life I had always wished for, I had not felt once disappointment like What! Is this all? and thanked God every day for this happiness I feel while continuing to live this commoner life.

In my past life, I, of course, was a commoner and thought that was natural…but experiencing changing from a noble to a commoner like this, I felt this happiness is very hard to obtain.

You won’t find a single home who won’t be troubled by the minimum amount of food required to live on a daily basis, the people who shiver because of the cold, but compared to the people who hurt and are hurt by the war and live hurting people, you can say they are living an extraordinary happiness. Even so, what is the meaning if you compare them to the unfortunate people? I just simply chose the future that gives me the slightest chance of being happy.

…Though it was a lie, Lily-chan who is now engaged to the Ore-sama prince must be happy. The prince too. Though he was originally with the heroine, he is a better match personality wise with Lily-chan instead of me. Though my parents must be disappointed with me, but this was a cold relationship from the beginning. Also, I had no interest in becoming the sacrifice for my parent’s happiness. Though they are my parents of this world so I don’t wish for them to fall into misfortune. Though I felt bad for Evan-kun, if I didn’t choose him, he will still end up with a broken heart so I decided to quickly get this over with and make him give up on me.

An ending where no one falls into misfortune, I believe this is also a form of a happy end.

“Fii-chan really seems like she has fun working huh.”

My current workplace, the bakery’s owner Michelle-san smiled as he watches me.

By the way, Fii-chan is not a simple nickname. Since I got banished from the Suwarose family, I can’t go around calling myself the name my parents gave me. I decided to take the Fii and Kurou from my previous name so I can react to it naturally.

Actually, a commoner with a family name is already pretty rare itself but from the beginning of my birth, I was living as a noble and doesn’t seem like a commoner. That is why the family name will be an introducing factor itself. Introducing me as a person who didn’t hide and not be caught in weird results. A new name with a family name. 

“It’s because work is really fun ~mon”

“It’s rare for young girls to work for money but, girls this ambitious rarely stay. I’m glad I hired you.”

“I am honored to accept your words.”

As you can see both my work and human relation are very good. Not only that, after work, I get to eat delicious leftover bread. What a wonderful workplace.

“But are you okay? You seemed to have gotten fatter. You bring home a huge amount of bread every day…it’s all leftovers so it’s okay but don’t tell me you eat all of it alone…”

“…It-, It’s happy fat! Don’t worry, I’m just in high spirits. The tension (TL: Excitement) will go down and my weight will return! It will return!”

I desperately tried to find an excuse while dripping cold sweat. I must have gotten a little fat without the nagging caretaker or the sarcastic tailor. Let’s tart dieting today….

“Yes yes. Fii-chan is a beauty so you must be careful with your weight. When I first hired you, you had beautiful hair and hands that remind me of a certain noble daughter.”

“I-, Is that soー”

I got a cold sweat. W-, Well, I p-p-p-prepared the family name for that situation so it should be just fine! I think!

However, that said, I was told that it was such a waste after I unhesitantly chopped off my waist long hair which was in the way into a shorter style. (TL: I don’t know where to put in the word “overkill” so I skipped it. If anyone has an idea, please tell me.)

“Well, a noble daughter  won’t be able to work this happily at a small bakery right!”


I’m sorry I lied. But I don’t think anyone will gain anything learning that I am a noble’s daughter. Lies, depending on the situation, may be happier than the truth. Just like how the lie Lily-chan made allowed me to live a happy life now.

Now that the story has come to a conclusion, the store door opened. I quickly changed my face into the smiling face of a clerk and turned towards the person at the door.


The person who was there was a man I know well.

“Is Lady Felicia Suwarose here?”

No there is no such person. Please return.

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37 thoughts on “Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.4

  1. framee says:

    Uuhm can i give some name suggestion?

    Pronounced Ferishia Suwaroo
    So, Felicia Swallow
    I don’t know where you get that rose at the end, there’s no ‘s’ there. :/
    Pronounced Fii Kurou
    So, Fii Crow or Vy Crow
    Well, why Vy you ask? Its my acquaintance name.


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