Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.3

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Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 3

After efficiently being banished from my home, I received the money for breaking off the relation. Rather, the funds that they forced onto me themselves. With the money enough to live for one year and keys to my residence in my hands, I declined the offer for a carriage and jumped out the house in a simple one piece (TL: Dress).

Ahh, I feel like skipping right now! 

After this, I have to find a job and build relationships within the neighborhood, I also have to become familiar with the land! How busy! How happy I am to be this busy!

Maa! Before I know it, I was really skipping! Oh dear! Since I was using it every day, my words sometimes go to the noble accent that I used. Even though I don’t need it! That’s right! Even though I don’t even need it anymore!

Ahh, just skipping isn’t enough! Though I hated it when my teacher taught me it, I want to dance a waltz! To dance a waltz alone like an idiot, how wonderful! Ah, but a waltz is still very noble like…is it a cossack dance that I should do? Though I had never done it, should I try the cossack dance?!

It wasn’t even 15 minutes after I left the house, I already started to get into the state of confusion due to too much tension (TL: This can mean excitement). Just in time. I really mean it. At the perfect timing, before I create a black history, I met someone that calmed me down…in other words, I met the person who pushed down my tension.


“…My, Evan-sama.”

Before my eyes stood one of the capture targets from Lady Rose…the carnivorous type who fell in love with the heroine at first sight and refused to give up even though she had a fiancee. But he is the puppy type that never listens to what the heroine tell him. A handsome male, with brown hair and green eyes. Evan Douglas-kun.

Compared to the Ore-sama prince, his introduction is more concrete. It’s my favorability difference.

But to me who wanted to obtain freedom and had decided to stay away from the game characters, I had only anxiety. What do you want from me who was going to fly away from that gorgeous and cold cage you bastard.

“I…believe Felicia-sama is innocent! Let’s clear your name together!”

Ah, nah, though you got so fired up, I’m sorry, seriously I’m happy with this.

If this was the game, it will be a still picture in my hands where Evan will have on a serious and dignified expression but now, because of my inner heart (TL: I’m guessing “inner emotions”), it has dropped down to a stupid figure.

“Evan-sama, that is what you bought. I definitely did things I cannot take back to Liliana-sama due to jealousy. This is my punishment…accepting this is the only way for me to pay for my crimes against his highness.”

Yes, these word that had left my mouth was the result of cultivation day after day for the sake that I won’t be caught up with what the prince did, nor be punished by my parents. Adding my experience from my past life, these words easily came out one after the other. In addition, I added on a bitter and regret filled smile. Yes, my acting today is perfect as always.

“Felicia-sama, towards the prince…you had this much…”

“Yes…it was a once in a lifetime love.”

Having a tearfully sad expression, I looked up at the sky. Ah~, the morning glow is so radiant~.

By the way, if you are wondering why I set the scenario into me loving the prince that I hated so much…in the first place, the place where I stand now should have been where Lily-chan stood. Originally, the position I am at now should not be a position where I the heroine wish to be in at the start and I should be worrying about the undesirable outcome. Evan-kun was set to have fallen in love with the heroine at first sight. This means that if I accidently stepped out and into Evan’s route, I will there is a possibility, even if it’s only a possibility, that using his name as a blade, Evan-kun will recover my honor from Lily-chan’s kind (in my point of view) lie and I will have to go back to the Suwarose family.

No way. I definitely don’t want that. Even though I evaded becoming the Queen of that Ore-sama Prince, I definitely don’t want the duke and aristocratic pressure to return. Even if you say that selfishly, it’s impossible.

That is why even if I make a mistake here, I will take care not to enter Evan-kun’s route.

On that account, the answer to the question Is it okay to say that you still love the prince? is explained, I am 100% creating lies that I still love the Ore-sama Prince~!

“I should go now. It is best to depart on the morning. Evan-sama, I thank you for coming to see me off. You are a very kind friend of mine. (TL: Is this what they call friend-zoning?)”

With a tearful smile, I walked around Evan-kun with a dignified expression, crushing his awakened love. 

Aah~, Evan-kun. When I got your happy end, I was already rolling in agony when you kissed the heroine when she requested it and hugged her saying that you won’t give her to anyone. But, in the normal end, though she broke her engagement with the prince, the heroine’s love for Evan-kun did not bud. I had loved the Evan-sama who did not go against the smiling heroine who said Let’s be friends from now on and agreed with her. I also loved the Evan-kun from the bad ending who cried to the heavily injured Heroine, saying selfishly that everything was his fault for not protecting her and disappeared.


Though my acting outside was perfect, I wondered if Evan-kun heard what I said in my heart the phrase I love you Evan-kun as he called me out in a tearful voice.

Surprised by how sudden he was, my legs abruptly stopped. Damn it. T-That’s wrong, Evan-kun. I certainly liked you as a character but that was just a philosophical sense to the very end. It was just as a simple fan. If we were to really go out, even putting aside the family and status, your love is too heavy….

“It’s fine if you don’t love me now! That’s why! Please take my hand! I…I love you! Please choose me…! If you do that, we can run away together! If we are together, we will be happy even if we are a commoner! No, I will make us happy…!!”

A passionate confession heard from behind me.

But his evaluation of commoners was so different from mine, I became puzzled. Even if I was alone, I already have my happiness becoming a commoner. My life now is the happiest, peaceful, Yay Yay Yay life ever.

“…I’m sorry. Please forget about me.”

Accordingly, I said with a bitter voice, but inside I declined without letting the words pass my teeth. This time, I will run away from Evan-kun.

What a time waster forced final event. As expected this is not the villainous daughter, but the heroine.

Nah, I guess it is best to not tell him he wasted my time right. I’m sorry Evan-kun. Since your love for a person who you fell in love with at first sight was this heavy, you will definitely fall in love again. I will cheer you on as I enjoy the civilian life okay.

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22 thoughts on “Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.3

  1. anna says:

    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    Happy Holiday!!
    so i have concluded that felician (MC) is the heroine on the otome game????? and that liliana is the villainess daughter? haha at first i thought MC is the villainess (the usual tropes)

    and this feels so different from others otome game in which MC did not actively/passively looking for harem member >.<

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  2. kirindas says:

    Oh wow. My POV was wrong. I totally thought the MC was the villianess. Didn’t expect she was the heroine. Lol! Oh well~ Felicia is extremely entertaining, so it’s all good. XD
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. manna says:

    uwaaa thank you for the chapter~ it’s very interesting story haha

    i laughed when she said
    “But to me who wanted to obtain freedom and had decided to stay away from the game characters, I had only anxiety. What do you want from me who was going to fly away from that gorgeous and cold cage you bastard.”

    i imagined she said it with noble accent except the 2 last words X”D


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