Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.2

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Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 2

The name of the heroine did not have an enter a name option… This meant that her name was the default name which allowed me to confirm the fact that this world I am reborn in, is the game that I had once loved, Kyuukoku no Lady Rose (TL: The Nation Savior, Lady Rose). Aka, I had no doubt this was the word of Lady Rose (TL: It’s easier to understand compared to saying Lady Ro).

At most, being surprised with the fact that I am a foreigner in an ultra rich household, the fact that I have an unusual name, Suwarose, and the idea that the spoken and written language is all Japanese was something I’m familiar with so I accepted it as it is with only a brief thought, thinking this such a strange world.

…But, yes. I am the outrageous daughter who holds the memories of the world I’m in now, not only that, I know the fact that I and the people around me are characters that will appear in the Otome Game I played.

Me, this outrageous being, till 5 years old, had not once met eye to eye with my parents, spoken to them, nor had any other types of contact with them. I understood the fact that I was not loved and that I am simply just a tool. I hold an unbearable hate to the luxurious lifestyle I did not wish for and having the heavy burden of the obligation of nobility pushed onto me. I had already wanted to run away from home.

The realization that this world was the same world as the Otome Game came when I was 5 years old. After meeting my fiance my parents decided upon themselves the Ore-sama prince, Setsu Kyabotto. Of course, the appearance was not 2D but already, at age 5, the main hero’s face had appeared. Both the inside and outside had completely developed into the main hero in Lady Rose.

By the way, due to my older brother in my past life, I have a strong rejection to Ore characters. In my past life when I played Lady Rose, I did at least finish the good, normal, and bad end, all three, and then decided I’m through with the Ore-sama prince. You finished all the routes! is what you might be thinking now but though I finished the three routes once, I lightly played the other characters around the double digits. Try guessing. I only want to be the fan of this character in the game.

Now then, my engagement with Ore-sama Prince is recognized by Lady Rose’s world. I wanted nothing to do with the Ore-sama Prince and avoided him, thinking this will be an engagement in name only. Unfortunately, I was told to get along with the Prince, resulting us to be alone together. Though I wasn’t loved by my parents, I didn’t want to get scolded by them for being rude to the prince, have my engagement simply broken, and be forced to a political marriage to a lolicon with a bad reputation.

But Ore-sama Prince, that bastard, ignored my consideration and displayed his Ore-sama selfishness, cutting me who smiled with an adult composure, off. If I had the same status as him, I would have already smacked him three times. I did imagine me smacking him in my head, though.

Just in case, I’ll inform you. It’s not that I get angry easily. It’s just that the wasted wonderful nice Prince face is erased entirely by his Ore-sama character and so, the handsome face had no effect on me at all.

That was my natural enemy. My fiance and my lessons to prepare me once I am married to that person. Since I didn’t ask for it in the first place, there was no way I would want to take the burden of the obligations and pressure of this position.

There was no feeling of my fiance being the support of my heart to go through all these hardships. Rather, the stress doubled to the point that I felt like collapsing and I can’t even rely on the care of my parents. This was my disgusting and anxiety filled lifestyle, without allowing me to forget to study. I don’t even want to become queen and I hate my fiance……. This was the eternal loop of hate (TL: It literally said “iya iya iya” or hate three times) and the unwilling me. I decided that whatever I do, I will definitely run away from this.

That was when I was 6 years old. 10 years ago.

How should I peacefully break off this engagement and run away from my home?

To think that I had already known the method and just how to plan this out from the very beginning. The crying 6-year-old had thought seriously and finally realized it.

Inside the game Lady Rose, the happy end for the heroine on the Prince’s route was the scene where the villainess daughter Liliana Inoshii was punished and kicked out of the house to live as a commoner. That very ending was what I, right now, wish for.

Moreover!  Though I didn’t wish for it, Liliana likes the Prince so she starts blaming me who holds the position of his fiancee, for harassments that occurred in the school. In contrast, the heroine bravely denies such things directly, winning Prince’s trust and revealing the deeds Liliana had done.

This means, it I don’t resist, all the blame will become affirmative and Liliana’s position and my position will be flipped just as I hoped for!

From that moment I noticed that I became very excited. I withstood the selfishness of the Ore-sama Prince, the Queen lessons, and the pressure. Endure, endure. I have to endure this until I get to school where I meet my beloved villainess daughter. No, the angel, Lily-chan, who will save me and who I will fall…not in love with, but I am so happy I feel like I can cry. As days continued next to the Ore-sama Prince, my facial muscles are almost automatic, going to an elegant smile or else troublesome things will happen.

It has come. After Lily-chan’s harassments comes finally my road to happiness. Thinking that, I was truly happy.

Lily-chan, I don’t know what lies you told the Prince that made my reputation drop, seeing you puffing your chest looking proud, but I really, really wanted to thank you.

If I was forced to regret, then it is the fact that I was the fiance of the Ore-sama Prince and is hated by Lily-chan. Even after this, she will continue to see me as nuisance huh.

Well, I think I have decently summarized what had happened. Now everyone should understand what I had lived through and thought about until now.

“Well then, Felisha Suwarose – sama. Do you have any objection to the disengagement?”

At the silenced venue was my long-awaited formal ceremony. The Prince for some reason asked me.

Of course, I only had one answer.

“I have no objections.”

Now I have this time! Clear away the clouds! I have achieved evading the worst future possible to me.


Authors Note:

The spoken and written language that was not properly described in novels are now corrected.

Please think of this world as a Japanese speaking fantasy world.

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28 thoughts on “Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.2

    • evarench says:

      seem to be he did investigating the real culprit in true ending as he married Rose, however Rose created her own ending by took all the blame with happy feeling. She wants to be the culprit, there is no need to investigating further


      • mimidono says:

        Pffft if he liked her he would investigate even if she took all the bame but since it doesn’t…. Now i understand why many princes died in ancient time, with theses kinds of action no wonder they have many ennemies minus the jealous and ambitious ones!


      • evarench says:

        ding ding ding, you found the plot twist in lot otome games, since Rose stood up against Lily, she gained back her justice and her right to marry him. as player choose , he might not loves her but that ending gave player what she desires : a white horse prince, a throne and power ( fake as their sound) however she can pick childhood friend route, gives up power and live with someone trustly loves her or even elder prince route as maybe true love route ( i alway find cool guy route as true love ending) as white horse prince route in most of otome are either boring or a trap ending for naive girls

        Liked by 1 person

  1. chocolamocha says:

    Thanks for the translation!!!
    I’m so very lucky today to see 2 of my fave stories translated here!!!

    I had read this for 3 times already…Hehehe

    I was confused at first, I thought that our heroine is the villainous girl in the game and of course there was this tag in NU.

    But it turns out she’s the original heroine.

    owowoowow!!!! * – *

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cookingneet says:

    We don’t actually know whether Lilianna harassed her – we only have Heroine’s word for it. There is a good chance that the two have never actually talked to one another.

    But she’s FREEEEE! Freeeeee! Now to see whether she actually is allowed to live the life of a commoner.


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