Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.6

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Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 6

Inviting Nika-sama into my home, I graciously advised him to sit on a chair. As I was inviting him to sit, I remembered that I had no drinks or snacks that the nobles consume in my commoner house. But it is also rude to not put out anything. Wondering what to do, I looked towards the kitchen thinking for a few seconds. Nika-sama seems to have guessed what I was thinking about and spoke to me.

“You don’t have to prepare anything. The ones who came without a notice is us. We are only here to talk with Feli…Fii.”

People who can read the mood are wonderful. I can’t believe that half of his blood is the same as that Oresama Prince. He couldn’t read the mood, nor did he even try to.

Accepting his offer, I sat on the chair in front of Nika-sama. There was no need to prepare a chair for the guards because they must always be on guard and move at the time of an emergency. That’s how it is. In the beginning, I only had 2 chairs anyways.

Well, I’ll go straight to the point. I will clear your false charges and I want you to return as Felicia Suwarose.”

I don’t want to, stop!!!

Enduring the desire to smack the table with both of my hands, I made the gentle smile Felicia always did.

But, I will say what I must say.

“That is not necessary. I have decided to live as Fii Kurou.”

To Nika-sama, my answer was surprising and a crease formed between his eyebrows.

By the way, I didn’t feign ignorance to the false charges. Nika-sama most likely came this late here was because he had gathered evidence against the accusation and wanted to hear my reason. Compared to Evan-kun who used his emotions as the reason, Nika-sama’s evidence is more logical. But, for that, the Oresama Prince needs to admit his mistake. I would love to hear what you say about him.

Truthfully when I had no news of Nika-sama who had always been friendly with me, I was telling myself to not worry about it but I actually felt a little lonely.

For Nika-sama, you can already say that he found out that I had nothing to do with the bullying issue and that Lily-chan was the one behind all of it. This means that the words I say now had a big impact on Lily-chan and my happiness. The responsibility is heavy.

“Why?…Why didn’t you say that you were innocent in the first place?”

Oh. If I give a poor answer, will it seem like I am rebelling against the country? Well, it’s not like I can’t think it won’t happen. After all, I didn’t deny the big lie Lily-chan said to the Prince.

I must somehow twist it into the idea that it was for the prince so I won’t have to return to my original position.

“…it was because I believed that Liliana-sama is a better match with His Highness.”

I then made a small smile.

…How’s that! Not only that, I didn’t even lie. Those were my true thoughts. Compared to me who is always prickling with anger towards the Prince’s conduct and only making a fake bright smile, the benevolent and aggressive Lily-chan who loved the Oresama Prince from the bottom of her heart is a better choice to become the mother of the country.

“That story is impossible.”

Nika-sama denied my words with a stern face.


No, it’s totally fine Nika-sama. Nika-sama, since your conclusion was only because you do not know what lies in the premises presented in my inner emotions, I won’t say rude thing like go bury yourself in the wall. Rather if I did, I will be killed by the guards in 3 seconds.

“Certainly, my younger brother had made mistakes. It’s not something that a simple apology can end. However, it’s not that bad that you had to say that he suits Liliana Inoshii. Lady Liliana Inoshii who made you fall into this state is not qualified to be the Queen. The women who is guilty of falsely charging the next queen who was innocent will never become a good Queen. Also, there is no one more qualified to be the queen than Lady Felicia. Lady Liliana Inoshii has no experience, no knowledge, and has clumsy conduct. Decisively, she is simply stupid inside.”

My angel Lady Lily-chan was spoken badly of. Please stop.

I mean, it can’t really be helped that I am the most qualified person to become Queen for now ‘cause I have been receiving such training ever since I was 5 for more than 10 years.  Lily-chan had only taken it for around a month, right? If she can do it better than me, she can’t even be called as a genius. (TL: Meaning she will be god). It all starts from here. Please do your best Lily-chan.

“I believe Liliana-sama’s nature is very pure and beautiful. As for that case… it was something that couldn’t be helped. After all, those two were in love with one another. …We still have some time until His Highness’s inheritance right? I believe that in the future, everyone will combine their strengths to create a good country.”

“Making you, an innocent person, as a stepping stone, what good country can she make.”

I already said it’s fine so it fine okay?! You’re so persistent!

Thinking about it, it is true that Nika-sama wanted to clear my false charges but don’t you hate Lily-chan a bit too much? Is it because you could not forgive her due to your gentleman sincerity? If it’s that, then I also lied you know?

“I am happy with your consideration but I am very happy with the lifestyle I have now. That’s why please don’t worry…ah, but please keep this as a secret from His Highness okay? If they know that this isn’t really a punishment to me, they might give a heavier punishment.”

I said this jokingly but truthfully, deep inside, I was really worried. Now this talk over. In addition, I’d like it if you can end all other scenarios like this that can threaten my commoner life.

“…Fii really is stubborn huh. I understand but I will come again. Tell me whenever you are in trouble. I am always ready for you to come back.”

“Fufu, if you want to visit me next time, please do it when I have a day off okay?”

My head hurts. Even though I am finally a commoner now, I still have relations with the royal family. But, it seems like the scary flag won’t appear for now so I can relax a little.

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37 thoughts on “Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.6

  1. lygarx says:

    if she really wants to escape, maybe moving to another country and becoming a powerful adventurer would be nice.
    this series is similar to my described scenario in a way

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Chibi ~Stalking Since 2009 says:

    That really sounds like a story of a noble gentleman having an affair!
    Like, the noble have to maintain his image and comes in secret to see his loved commoner mistress!
    And she does seem to like him more than the rest of people she met before as a noble, she should be a little bit more open with him since he can understand situations~!
    But surely a rumor about Nika-oniisama having a commoner lover will spread~~!!
    Thanks for the translation and take care!

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  3. SanitaryCockroach says:

    Glossary: I define “splits” as a double space used between lines or paragraphs to separate them.

    Corrections from here on. Locations in the chapter are listed before the correction.

    1st paragraph: “Nika-sama seems to have guessed what I was talking and spoke to me.” Correction?: talking->thinking

    5 “splits” down: “I don’t what to, stop!!!”
    Correction?: what->want

    10 essay “splits” down: “Compared to Evan-kun who used his emotions as the reason, Nika-sama’s evidence are more responsible.”
    Correction?: Nika-sama’s evidence are more responsible-> Nika-sama’s evidence is more logical (or factual, both are valid options).

    14 “splits” down: “Oh. If I gave a poor answer, will it seem like I am rebelling against the country?”
    Correction?: gave->give (the answer hasn’t been given yet, so it should be present tense)

    4 “splits” up from bottom: “I said this jokingly but truthfully, deep inside, I was really a worried.”
    Correction?: I was really a worried->I was really worried

    Final Note: Thanks once again for the chapter and all the effort you put in for little leechers like me!


  4. midoriha says:

    somehow, i want her to tell the male lead, whoever it is, that she really just wants to be a commoner, that’d be interesting, ahaha!


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