Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.7

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Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 7

After that, Nika-sama came to see me at an idiotic high-speed rate of once a week.

Nika-sama, the older brother and the person who will serve the future King, had supported the fiancee of his younger brother, me, ever since childhood through the issue of the Oresama Prince. To me, who was hardening my foundation instead of making friends with the fellow aristocrats, and in the capture targets…no maybe even in this entire world, he was the person who I got along best with. From Nika-sama’s perspective, it will naturally be different.

Because of that, the feeling that Nika-sama gives me is not only a capture target but a stronger conscious of a kind person who had taken care of me. Though I was praising him inside, there are also fair amounts of  the imprints of the other Nika-sama fans.

But, the very existence of him may be a hindrance to my commoner life. You’re a royalty and very busy. Not only that, it is a long road from the castle and academy to the town on the outskirts of the castle. I don’t want you to come all the way here…

“That silver-haired aristocrat that always visits must have fallen in love with you, Fii-chan. Fii-chan is, after all, a beautiful girl.”

And now my employer, Michelle-san who owns the bakery, has this troublesome misunderstanding.

I felt like a bad flag will appear so I decide to fix this as fast as I can.

“That’s not it. The reason Nika-sama comes here…is for obligations.”

Nika-sama had been very kind to me from a long time ago but that was because I was Oresama Prince’s fiancee. And even now, he is acting for the feeling of condemning me who had indirectly become a commoner because of the annulled engagement with his younger brother. There is also feelings of justice and the feeling of disgust towards Lily-chan that I guess made him go this far.

There are absolutely no feelings of love. Rather, I’d be troubled if there was. Though Nika-sama’s personally is not the Oresama type and gives off a good impression, all the other conditions are the same as the Oresama Prince’s. If I go to Nika-sama’s route, my happy commoner life will be over.

“I think he was worried about me who was like a younger sister to him…I’m sorry that it is not an interesting love story.”

“I don’t really mind but…are you sure it’s only that?”

Michelle-san smirked. I made a wry smile. I’m sorry that this wasn’t the romance story you hoped for but this story is simply just the total truth.

“Oh, he came just as we started talking him huh. I like that child. Even though he is a noble, he doesn’t make a mess of things and thinks about the others, coming near closing time and buys the unsold bread and even sends you home. He’s shown plenty of good points.

That’s right huh, after that, Nika-sama naturally didn’t reveal himself as royalty but as an odd aristocrat . He stood on the side, keeping a minimum amount of manner to not bother Michelle-san and the other customers. Because of that, it’s hard to tell him to not come here anymore indirectly.

In front of the bakery, a familiar person stepped out of the out-of-place carriage. I can only give up and wait.

“Excuse me. …I’m sorry, am I bothering you?

He paid attention to me and Michelle-san as usual. Even though he is royalty, Nika-sama still asked us in a worried voice.

…How many nobles can easily apologize to commoners? I don’t think that everyone has to give special attention to nobles but personally, I love people who care for others regardless of who they are. It is natural to think so if you compare him to the Oresama Prince.

“Rather I was just talking to Fii-chan about how respectful you were.”

Ahh Michelle-san, you are right but I wished you didn’t say it…! Moreover, the way you said it, it sounded as if I also welcome Nika-sama…!

“I am honored.”

Hearing Nika-sama’s usual words (TL: I BS-ed this phrase: 社交辞令感), I was relieved.

Maybe I should at least think thank god it was Nika-sama. If it was a character like the Puppy type Evan-kun or the other characters, then this won’t be a simple laughing matter.

If I was not just simply loving the game and the type of Otome Game Player who actually falls in love with the game characters, even if this became the real world, I will kick away this position of a commoner and tell him Nika-sama! I want to get married immediately! I will be thinking that if I was that type of person huh. I did love everyone except for the Oresama Prince but thing’s like Moe~ or Kawaii~ or Kakkoi~ are what I don’t do. Reality and games are really different ne~….

“Well, since your boyfriend has come to pick you up, Fii-chan, you may leave now.”

“No, we are not in such a relationship and my shift hasn’t ended yet…”

“It’s just in time to close the store and the rest of the bread has been bought by Aristocrat Onii-chan. There are only about 10 minutes before the shop closes. Here, come on. You can go now. (TL: This actually said “leave, leave” but it seemed weird).

I was then half driven out by the smirking Michelle-san. After me, Nika-sama and his escorts who were holding the bags of bread came out.

A royalty and his escorts who were holding bags of commoner baked bread. How very mismatched.

“What happened?”

“…No, I was just wondering what do you do with those bread.”

“Haha, bread is meant to be eaten aren’t they?”

“Right? Since these bread are baked by commoners it is natural to throw them o……what?”

Whaatt? What did this royalty say?

Though he paid money, I thought he was going to waste the bread. To me who was totally ready to be disgusted what did you just say?

“…does it mean you hand them to the guards and servants?”

“No. I do let them do poison testing since it is their duty but I am the one eating them. I like that flat cheese bread.

Hey, this royalty!! (TL: This is better in Japanese: “Oi this Royalty!!”)

I forgot about my cat acting (TL: I think this is something like the fake lady act she was doing) and turned to the guards, thinking of saying Hey! What are you guys doing! Properly stop him! (TL: She used “omaera” a rude way of saying you) to them. The both of them shook their heads with a face that said they had given up.

Why in the world are you guys giving up for?! That’s abandoning your job! A big issue! Hey…! In the first place, coming to see me on a weekly basis itself is extremely dangerous so stop it! Stop already!

“What happened? Fii”

“…it’s nothing. I am glad you liked the food from the bakery.”

It should be me who is asking you that! was what I wanted to say but saying it in front of the person himself is indeed too much so I placed back my cat act and smiled softly.

“I wonder if Fii will be able to make bread in the future? I will look forward to it.”

While striking a smile, I worked hard to ignore the tsukkomi-waiting sentence to pass.

Nika-sama, your usual character suddenly blurred but are you okay? The puppy position belongs to Evan-kun and the natural airhead is taken by the Oresama Prince so you don’t have to put on such characters. Appearance wise, you let out a cold and handsome kingly aura but why are you acting like you wanted to create a gap with that fuwafuwa-chan personality? Is it the stress that making you so weird?

Putting my worries away, Nika-sama started a conversation on bread. This person, where exactly are you trying to head to?

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