Announcement – 5 New Series? Or maybe a Teaser…

Hello everyone~! I am back with some news. I found a really short novel from! It’s called Beloved Villain Flips the Skies. I’m not sure if it is interesting yet so I’mma try out one chapter for now! Here is the intro translated by Nakimushi-san!

Beloved Villain Flips the Skies by Saeki Yatona
17 chapters, completed.
< different world(otoge, reincarnation), aristocracy but modern, reverse harem, romance, comedy, school >

The ‘villain of the otome game’, who is this referring to?
“Of course it’s me, Yukina.”

Then, what is this ‘villain’ referring to?
“One who interferes with the romance of the heroine with petty harassment and misdeeds, the type of person who’ll be hated by everyone.”

If so, why are there so many capturable targets gathering around you?
“…… I’m the one who wants to ask that… hurry up and lose your hearts to the heroine…”

Even the ‘heroine’ you were talking about seems to like you, why is that so?
“That’s precisely what I want to know!!”

※ This is the story of a villainess whose favorability rating with the heroine keeps raising despite working hard and working hard at being a villain, a story of the struggle during the opening event. She has no self-awareness.

※ Capturable characters and other ikemen and beautiful women gather around the protagonist, forming a reverse harem. It’s where the hero falls behind, and the heroine appears one step late. There, the protagonist struggles for the sake of the heroine’s happiness ( or rather, for the sake of the game ending ) and continues to work hard, cutting through the opening!


I decided to do the first Chapter because it is really short. I think it will be out tomorrow or the day after that. Well then, it’s bedtime for me…good night…


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