Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.8

Hi! I’m back with a new chapter of Lady Rose! I had such a difficult time with this chapter. Is it just me or is the author’s vocabulary getting harder? … Anyways, enjoy! ^^

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Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner – Chapter 8

Why is it that even though I am a commoner, I’m having this heartwarming, tsukkomi filled conversation while returning home once a week with a royalty.

I could not forbid the uncomfortable feelings and so tilting my head to one side, I made a serious face. Well, for now, there is no negative effects that occurred so I told myself Well, it’s fine and ignored it.

That was because this had finally turned to the subject of me baking my own bread. My head was now filled with those words.

Even though I intended it to be the same as Michelle-san’s, the method to knead the dough, the speed, form, grilling, and the finishing touches…Michelle-san’s and my bread have totally different processes from the very start. In the past, I had only done the selling but baking bread…how profound it is…. As fast as possible, I want to quickly be able to bake a huge amount of those delicious bread! It is all thanks to obtaining this commoner life that I am able to have such fun! Life is Fun!!

But, today is a day off.

I want to work…please let me work…I want to work like the horses that are pulling the carriages. Please let me practice baking bread before the store opens and after it closes…

If I stayed home, I will he wandering around think that all day so I decided to leave my home for a walk for no particular reason.

As I did, I encountered him.

“It has been a while, Felicia-aneue(TL: This means elder sister).”

My younger step-brother, Shedo Suwarose.

For the time being, I looked again. There was no way for him to be here without any guards…but the expressionless and intonation way of speaking, the way he calls me, his neutral and beautiful appearance with black hair and golden eyes…how can it be.

From whatever angle you look at him, this person is Shedo.

He was brought here, probably forcefully by father, from the distant relatives to fix the permissions from my disengagement. As soon as I was informed by my parents about my engagement with the Prince and that I had a brother who was under one year.(TL: I have no idea if this is one year younger or barely a year:一歳下)…and strongly realizes my past.

As I encountered Shedo, I felt my blood disappearing as I was hit with deep regret for selfishly running from the house.

“…a-re, I wonder if I don’t need to use formal language anymore?”

U~n”, Shedo goes his own pace and tilted his head.

…Calm down. Calm down me. First, we have to ask Shedo why he’s here. Shedo is…from his appearance he looks like the cool type but inside he is unexpectedly the smooth talker type character. In fact――he is the one character that you have to be careful of in Lady Rose.

“…Why are you here?”

“N? (TL: Sound for “Hmm?” or something.) I was wondering if you were doing okay.”

Please don’t make my heart do so much unnecessary work for such a frank reason. This child (TL: Her heart) is still thumping and making noises.

…no, wait a moment. That boy that was called the Trap Boy in Lady Rose won’t come to see me for such reasons. I fell unrest with confronting his expressionless face and emotionless voice but there was no way I am going to happily close the curtain to my commoner life…!

“Would you like to come into my home? Although it is about half the size of the smallest room of the Suwarose house.”

“He~, Felicia-aneue lives in a doghouse. Un (TL: Sure), I’ll go since I want to see it.”

I don’t really mind his poisonous tongue. He just has a mouth that simply says bad things lightly. His character is not bad at all. If you don’t look in a person’s true self, you are not better than them, nor are you a narcissist. (TL:心底人を見下したりしているわけでも無ければ、自分が他人より優れているとナルシストしているわけでも無い。)

It was fine because I knew what circumstances he had from Lady Rose but if I hadn’t then the normal reaction is What a bad personality, this guy! and pulled away. (TL:てドン引きしていただろうが)

Yes, I wasn’t scared of Shedo for such a petty reason.

“…I’m amazed you’ve come this far to meet a sister that you barely talk to huh.”

Avoiding the capture targets of my favorite game, I also avoided Shedo. I had no contact with them unless necessary at home and school. No matter how I thought about it, my relationship with Shedo is very clean and hollow. There were more chances to talk with just a simple classmate than my talk with him.

Normally, there is no way anyone would actually come out to see their former step-sister. Moreover, when she is now an outsider. That is definitely impossible.

“The academy is on summer vacation and I’m totally free right now. In addition,”

Shedo left his words silent.

I looked at Shedo. As always, he is expressionless and walking around with dead eyes what makes me question if he was actually conscious.

……3-second transition.

What was that?! Wait! What happened to the rest of the sentence?!

Obviously, the timing you cut off your words is totally your habit. Why is it that you ignore me when I looked at you to continue your sentence, this person?! Your character is not the natural airhead so you should have been aware of my gazes! I know it ya know?!

A~Mou~…Why did it turn out to be like this? I had avoided Shedo so I can’t have entered his route.

I simply just wanted to sell bread and live a heartwarming commoner life. Why is my commoner life such a  mess…!!

Just asking, for Shedo Suwarose – this is his actual romaji name BTW – Who wants this as Shed? Or should we just change it as Shade? LOL

The next chapter is kind of long so I will split it into 2 parts cuz I am lazy LOL

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