Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! ~Teaser~

Is this a teaser or a “look how interesting this seems!” thing? Well, I’m not gonna continue this anytime soon but I am gonna do chapter 1. There are over 200 Chapters to this novel so yeah…I still have Lady Rose and Beloved Villain…

I’ll definitely do chapter 1 though ^^

Here is the Intro~


Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! ~Introduction~

Author: 奏多

Kiara was the adopted daughter of the Earl. She was adopted to become the Queen’s lady-in-waiting but in order to become one, she had to marry a person two times older than her. In her despair, the young girl’s memories of her previous life appeared in her head. She then remembered about the game she had played many times Farujia Oukoku Senki (TL: I can’t do names *cries*: Battle Record of the Kindom of Faruzia) and about the enemy Witch that will appear.

“If I married, then I will have the exact same name as that enemy witch!”

She tried to escape from the detestable marriage and the fate of dying as an enemy character. In doing so, on the carriage that had allowed her to secretly leave, were people who seemed familiar…….

Currently, I am heading to the kingdom.


Character Intro and Map (From up to Chapter 110)

Chapter 1 – Part 1Part 2

Chapter 2 (Picked up by KitaKami-san!)

Hopes someone will do this~~~

*Begs Prays

Yay! It’s Picked Up~~


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