Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.9 Part 2

Zora’s back nano-desu! Here is Part 2 nano-desu. Zora forgot to say that she decided to use Shade desu.

Shade is scary desu.

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Absolutely NO!!

I rejected that idea with my utmost power in my mind without even shaking a hair at Shade’s expressionless but seductive face.

To live with Shade. That means the end of my commoner life flag will appear. Such a flag, I will defeat it with all of my power.

“Shade, as the heir of the Suwarose family, you must not say such a thing even if you were joking.”

“Says the person who successfully ran away.”

I tilted my head with a blank expression so that he won’t know the disturbance I am feeling.

Was he trying to trick me into telling him the truth…? But I severely feel like the topic is going in an unpleasant direction

As if confirming my thoughts, Shade’s mouth drew an arc on his expressionless face. At that moment, my bad promotions came together.

“Felicia-aneue had always been like that huh. The perfect Lady Rose who always smiled and does everything lightly, but at the same time avoids me. You must understand (TL: Or “take in” but you’ll see why I used understand instead) a lot of things. Ne~, then you can try to understand things about me too.”

Ah-…Ah-…I seem to remember hearing this line before….

In the mid-stage of Lady Rose Shade route, the release cue of the extra large trap where the players are left dumbfounded when they learn of the gap from his cool outer appearance to the inner character of the smooth talker.

“You know I, about Aneue, I had always-”

I don’t want to hear what comes after that.

In a daze, I immediately grabbed something that was nearest to me and threw it at Shade’s face. (TL: I’m so tempted to place the word “Violently” in front of throw since that was what she did. ぶん投げた = throw with force. Accuracy is key.(¬‿¬))

“Ubu-…! Wha-, …br, bread?”

Shade looked at what I threw and looked at me with a puzzled expression.

That’s right, bread. A bread which is soft so that it doesn’t hurt even if it hit’s the face. It was the leftover bread I had received from the store yesterday.

For now, I saw the construction of a death flag from the future of those Shade route confirmation words and prevented it with food. Moreover, I’m sorry to say I had to use Michelle-san’s exquisite bread. In exchange for the guilt towards Michelle-san and her bread, I had successfully canceled the emergency situation.

“Let’s eat bread…!!”

“Eh, wh, what?”

“The reason Shade is weird right now is definitely because you are hungry!”

“No, that not-”

“If we eat something delicious, you and I will both smile! Michele-san’s bread is so delicious even Nika-sama praised it! Come on! You can eat it without worrying!”




Hurray! Thought the “idiot” act was terrible, by blowing away the serious mood with a strong enough momentum, I successfully drained away the words! There were no tactics or anything else, it’s a very powerful technique right?!

As if giving up, the heir of the duke ate the commoner baked bread without even doing a poison test. With him in front of me, I too, while celebrating inside, started eating my share. Because I am now a commoner, I’m not required to eat with elegance. Ah~ how delicious!

…Those words from earlier, if it was “Because, I had always loved you, Aneue!” then it would have been cute. Rather, that should be correct in a typical Otome Game.

But, Lady Rose’s Shade Suwarose is not in such a cute younger step-brother position. The words that he was going to say. It was――

“I had always wanted to keep you, Aneue.”

As if I’d accept such a confession this trouble-yandere-man!! Only your endings had a bad end where I ended up confined and two lovers suicide endings! It’s scary you know!!

I definitely won’t let you say it next time too so you’d better be prepared for it! You got it Shade?!

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Zora is taking off her braces on Monday nano-desu! Zora is jumping with happiness desu!


44 thoughts on “Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner Ch.9 Part 2

  1. solomaize says:

    Wooo! Found a gem of a novel here! Thanks for the translation, I laughed like a pig *snort* love this so much, hehe. No ship on my shore yet, I rather like the idea of Fii on her own. Now if only the Oresama prince would fall down the stairs a few times, fufufufu…


  2. Shiroya says:

    Wonderful throw Fii-sama! *claps excitedly in the background* Let’s hope that the other prince doesn’t show up at her doorstep next… *le gasp at end of commoner’s life*

    Thanks author-sama for the updates~ *winkwink* I love how Fii-sama owned up to something she didn’t even do in exchange for freedom. That’s new to me! Such courage and commitment to the commoner’s way!


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